Learning Portal

On this page is a collection of learning opportunities & upcoming training events for carers as well as the workforce who support them.

NEW! We have created the following e-modules that are available to
take today:

  • Carer Wellbeing Journey
    (Three E-modules aimed at improving carers overall wellbeing)
  • Supporting Young Carers
    (E-module for schools, social work, and young people services)
  • Everyone Cares
    (E-module that can be taken by anyone)

Carers of Dundee E-modules

Below is a list of e-modules created by Carers of Dundee available to take online TODAY

Useful Resources

For further learning opportunities, we have collated external learning and training that is available to take online, plus vocational training that can benefit future employment.

See tiles below for more information.

Upcoming Training Events

What's Next?

Following feedback from Carers, we are in the early stages of planning a module about finding, navigating, and accessing support from the many different services available across Dundee. We’re keen to hear from the following people to ensure whatever we create meets the needs of Carers:

  • Are you a service provider who would like to showcase how carers can access your support for themselves or the person they care for?
  • Are you a carer who would like to share their experience of accessing a particular service
  • Are you a carer wanting to know more about how to access the different services in Dundee for yourself or the person you care for?

To get involved, or to suggest topics for future modules, please contact [email protected]