Carers Charter

Valuing, supporting and involving carers.

This charter has been developed through the Dundee Carers Partnership, working with carers in Dundee.

The three pledges have been accepted by a range of organisations in Dundee.

These organisations are giving carers in Dundee a commitment that the best possible service and support will be available to ensure that carers continue in their caring role for as long as they wish to.

In doing so, the charter sets out what carers can expect from services, the type of support they can access and the opportunities for involvement in decisions affecting the people they care for.

Our three pledges to carers

Value carers

value carers in dundee

You will be identified and feel respected and recognised in your caring role.

Support carers

support carers in dundee

Organisations will work in partnership to support you to live a fulfilled life.

Involve carers

involve carers in dundee

Carers will have opportunities and support to be involved.