Carers Charter

Value, Support, and Involve Carers in your Community

As an organisation or business, you may have service users, colleagues, or customers with caring responsibilities. By signing up for the Dundee Carers Charter we will help you to identify and support carers in your community. 

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Supporting You to Support Carers

Did you know?
Over 250,000 people juggle caring with holding down a job?
(source Carers UK Scotland)

A growing network of local services and businesses in Dundee have signed up to our Carers Charter.  

By signing up you can gain access to valuable resources and information to help YOU to help carers. 

  • Get access to the Dundee Carers Charter Toolkit that provides information, links to learning and access to resources and media assets to support your organisation to support unpaid carers
  • Free promotion of your service/business
  • Networking opportunities
  • Carer e-news – fortnightly newsletter sent straight to your inbox
  • Promote your events for free on the Carers of Dundee website (support services only)
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As an employer, supporting employees with caring responsibilities to achieve a healthier work/life balance can benefit the business overall by:

  • attracting and retaining staff
  • reducing stress in the workplace
  • increasing resilience and productivity
  • reducing sickness/absence leave
  • improving service delivery
  • increasing staff morale
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Value carers

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Carers will be identified and feel respected and recognised in their caring role.

Support carers

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Employers and Services will work to support carers to live a fulfilled life.

Involve carers

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Carers will have opportunities and support to be involved in decisions that affect them and their caring role.  

Carers Charter Toolkit

New! - Dundee Carers Charter Toolkit

As part of signing up for the Dundee Carers Charter, a new toolkit has been created that provides members with information, resources, and advocacy tools to help raise awareness, identify and support carers in the community.  

Existing members and new sign-ups will get access to the full toolkit, but for those that have not signed up, we do have a taster toolkit that can be tried out today.

Carers Charter Taster Toolkit

Interested in signing up?

If you are interested in signing up your organisation or business to the Dundee Carers Charter please email [email protected]

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