Social Services

In Dundee we want all carers to get support when they need it. If you are a carer (of any age) there are some initial steps that you can take to get support.

Initially, support can be accessed by contacting Dundee Carers Centre where carers can get practical and emotional support.  Please call the team on 01382 200422 or email [email protected]

If you are looking for more care and support for the adult or child you look after, or you’d like to request an Adult Carer Support Plan or Young Carer Statement.   You can get in touch with any of the Health and Social Care, Social Work and Education professionals who are currently working with them.

If the person you care for is in hospital.  With the person’s agreement, you can speak to nursing staff on the Ward about their care needs and discharge planning. The Nursing staff will work with you to make appropriate arrangements before the person is discharged.

The First Contact Team provides a first point of contact for anyone living in the community, aged 16 and over, who does not have anyone (e.g. District Nurse, Social Work, Social Care Organiser) involved in their care. You should discuss this with the person needing support and gain their consent (if appropriate).

You can call the First Contact Team on 01382 434019, Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.  If the First Contact and Children’s Services offices are closed and you have an urgent matter you can contact the Out of Hours Service on 01382 307964.

The First Contact Team will also be able to advise you if you want an Adult Carer Support Plan and you are caring for someone over 16, living in Dundee who has no active worker from Health and Social Care or Social Work, or you do not know who that person is.

Social Work Health and Social Care Professionals can help with the process of planning, putting care in place, and arranging an Adult Carers Support Plan. Following on from the Adult Carers Support Plan, appropriate information and support will be arranged to support you. This can mean that you are referred to, or given information about other organisations in Dundee who can help you in your caring role.

If you care for someone living in another Council area, Dundee Carers Centre can help identify who you should get in touch with for an Adult Carer Support Plan or to ask for more support for the person you care for.

If you are a carer under 16 or you are caring for someone under 16, and are unable to contact the relevant Social Care, Social Work and Education professionals you can contact Children’s Services, Dundee City Council on 01382 436000 if you or the child/ young person need to discuss more care and support.