In early 2016, work began on a campaign which was intended to raise awareness of carers in Dundee. Funding for this came through The Carers Partnership and the planning group for the campaign consisted of staff from local statutory and voluntary agencies and carers of various ages. This work was led by Dundee Carers Centre.

The campaign’s supporting website was titled Carers of Dundee and culminated in a large-scale event in the City Square during Carers Week in June 2016.

Following on from this it was agreed that developing the website further would be hugely beneficial for carers and workforce in Dundee, to enable them to access information and create an online community for carers. It would also allow carers to find out about relevant support, events, courses and activities to support them in their caring role, without having to search through individual local and national support organisations’ websites. Dundee Carers Centre would again lead on this work.

An event was held on 29th January 2018 which carers and workforce were invited to, looking at the design and content of the refreshed website. The website will continue to be developed, in response to the needs of the online community – the Carers of Dundee.

Dundee Carers Partnership

Dundee Carers Partnership are a multi- agency partnership group including Carers and representatives of Carers; Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership; NHS Tayside; Dundee Carers Centre; Dundee Community Planning Partnerships; Public Protection; Dundee City Council Children and Families and Neighbourhood Services (Adult Learning and Housing); and Alcohol and Drug Partnership; Penumbra; Cairn Fowk; Dundee Voluntary Action; Leisure and Culture (Dundee).

The Carers Partnership leads on the strategic planning, development and provision of services for Carers of all ages. In doing so, the group ensures that we are meeting our vision and outcomes, evidence any reasons why we are not and consider any strategic matters arising which affect carers outcomes.