Am I a Carer?

The Carers Scotland Act defines a carer as an individual who provides or intends to provide unpaid care to a family member or friend due to illness, disability, frailty, mental ill-health, or a drug or alcohol dependency.

A carer can be of any age and from any community and culture and may provide carer and support for more than one person.

What defines someone as a young carer?

A young carer is a carer who is still in education, and/or under the age of 18.

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What are my rights as a carer?

Carers have legal rights under the Carers Act Scotland.  You can find out more about the key rights that apply under the legislation on our Carers Rights page

What is a carer support plan?

An adult carer support plan, or a young carer statement, is a goal focussed discussion with a social worker, with an overall aim to identify measures required to support the carer based on their individual needs.

As a carer you have a right to access a carer support plan.  If you do not already have access to this support please get in touch with your local carers centre.

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What about discharge from hospital?

Hospital staff have a duty to involve carers in discharge planning.

This means that hospital staff must talk to the carer before someone is discharged.

The carer should check with the person being discharged if it is ok to talk about their care needs with hospital staff and any changes in the support they will need when they leave the hospital.

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What’s a short break?

A short break is a form of support that allows the carer to have time out from their caring role.

This is broader than the term ‘respite’, as it covers shorter periods of time and a much larger range of activities.

Short breaks cover holiday, leisure, sports, activity or daycare breaks, play schemes, befriending, and funding resources to meet identified goals.

Dundee Carers Centre Short Breaks Team are available to discuss short breaks options available to carers.  For further information and to get in touch with a broker go to the Short Breaks webpage

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What support can I get as a carer?

The main support provider in Dundee is the Dundee Carers Centre – offering emotional and practical support based on carer needs.

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As well as the carers centre some additional services and organisations provide support and information to Carers across Dundee.

For more information on services available to Carers, go our Organisations Page

Should I tell my employer I’m a carer?

Although carers are not obligated to make their employer aware of their caring status, an employer may have a carer policy in place that outlines support provided to carers in the workplace.  This can be in the form of communicating unknown resources available and possible flexi-time/remote working options.

Knowing that your employer is happy to listen and provide support if you need it, particularly if circumstances change for you due to your caring role, can hugely positively impact you.