Supporting Young Carers E-module

This module is for staff in schools and social work teams and will be most useful for those in key roles such as Young Carer Co-ordinator and those responsible for Young Carer Statements.

For those in broader roles, the module will give you a valuable overview of support for young carers.

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This is a list of all the links in the module so you can come back any time and quickly access the information you need.

Support for Young Carers

Carers of Dundee Young Carers Page

Dundee Carers Centre for information, advice, and support for carers

Young Scot Young Carer Entitlement

Young Carer Grant

Additional resources for workforce

Dundee Multi-Agency Guidance Toolkit  information for health and social care staff on identifying, supporting, and involving carers

Equal Partners in Care is a resource for health and social care workers to support better conversations and interactions with carers.

Education Scotland Professional Learning Links

As long as you work with young carers then you can register to complete the Modules. If you already have a GLOW account you can just log straight in with your GLOW email.

Education Scotland – Identifying Young Carers in Education

Education Scotland – Young Carers and the Law Their Rights and Their Voice

Education Scotland – Ways to Support Young Carers in Education

Research and Policy

Young Carers: Research Review & Data Scottish Government

Dundee Children & Families Service Improvement Plan 2019-22

Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership

Who we are Find out about the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership

Feedback provide feedback directly to Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership


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