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Below you will find links to a variety of learning resources for staff and volunteers who want to learn more about identifying, supporting, and valuing carers.

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Everyone Cares E-module

Carers of Dundee e-learning module Everyone Cares is a module for community members and workforce to explore:

  • The reasons people find it difficult to identify as a carer,
  • How to recognise and support carers yourself,
  • Find out about the rights of carers under the Carers Act,
  • Learn about the opportunities for carers to get involved in personal, local and national decision-making.

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Supporting Young Carers

This module is for staff in schools and social work teams and will be most useful for those in key roles such as Young Carer Co-ordinator and those responsible for Young Carer Statements. For those in broader roles, the module will give you a valuable overview of support for young carers.

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In addition to the module mentioned above, our Young Carer page has a number of resources to support awareness-raising in schools and youth settings, as well as information on roles and responsibilities.

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External Workforce E-modules

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E-module for Carers

Below are a number of e-modules that are available that carers you support might find useful.

E-learning series: Carer Wellbeing Journey

Three e-modules taking eploring 3 mains themes to improve carers wellbeing:

  • Steps to wellbeing
    Steps to Wellbeing explores the 5 ‘steps’ that support your wellbeing day-to-day.
  • Bumps in the Road
    Bumps in the Road goes beyond the day-to-day to explore common issues that make it harder to maintain your wellbeing such as carer illness, financial difficulties or family conflict.
  • Crossroads
    Crossroads focuses on staying well when you’re going through life changes such as beginning or ending the caring role, changes to your work or study, or anything else.

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Slices of orange and lemon

Nutrition Food & Mood

An introductory e-learning module for carers about how nutrition can influence your mood and mental as well as physical health.

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Your Wellbeing

The National Wellbeing Hub is a resource for anyone working in Health and Social Care in Scotland.

They run a regular programme of webinars covering a broad range of topics relating to staff wellbeing.

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Staff at Dundee Carers Centre can provide input to your team meetings or development sessions and we are constantly developing new resources.

To request a session or discuss your training needs, contact Dundee Carers Centre on 01382 200422 and ask to speak to the Learning & Development Worker.