What is Carer Involvement?

Carer Involvement is about finding ways to listen to and hear from carers. It includes supporting carers to engage with the workforce and volunteers who work in the areas that affect the carer and the person they care for.

Carers can be involved at a number of different levels from assessing their own needs for support, or giving information or views about the person they support; as well as contributing their views to Services, Service Planning and Strategic Planning. (Strategic Planning Processes set the direction of organisations such as Dundee Carers Partnership and identify future plans and make decisions about funding the plans.)

Caring involvement can look and feel very different depending on the person and the goal(s) they want to achieve.

Why get involved?

Carer involvement is a key part of shaping our services and is within a carer’s right to be able to have conversations and be involved in decision making which in turn effects their lives and the lives of the people they care for. Involvement in your community is a tool for change!

Dundee Carers Partnership

Dundee Carers Partnership want to have the best possible opportunities for carer involvement in Dundee. We want to work together with carers across the city to offer carer opportunities to have their say and make a valuable contribution to aspects of services, supports and planning that matter to them. We want to give carers a voice and an opportunity to influence the services and structures that support them and those the care about.

Dundee Carers Partnership want to share more information about involvement opportunities in Health and Social Care and other areas that carers may be interested in.

This page is not intended as a way of publicising carers individual circumstances or a way for researchers or journalists to gather material for publication.

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We want to know more about what current carer involvement looks like within local agencies and organisations.

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Carer Representatives

In Dundee we value Carer Representatives (Reps) and rely on their essential contribution to planning processes in Health and Social Care.

Dundee Carers Centre advises Carers Reps and provides opportunities for Reps to find out more about carers concerns, views and opinions. If you want to let a Rep know your views related to future planning or want to consider becoming a Rep, please get in touch.  The current Carers Reps are:

Pauline Kinsman [email protected]

Martyn Sloan [email protected]

Are you a unpaid carer interested in carer involvement?

Below is latest carer involvement news and opportunities that may be of interest to you.

Carer Involvement Events

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