Carers Partnership

The Carers Partnership leads on innovation and improvement through strategic planning, development and provision of services and supports for carers of all ages.
The group has a vision and outcomes plan and considers barriers to achieving these and any strategic matters arising which affect carers personal outcomes.

The Carers Partnership reports to Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership Integrated Strategic Planning Group, which reports to the Integration Joint Board.
Working in partnership with carers is seen as central to ensuring that there is a consistent focus on outcomes and all developments are co-produced and co-designed with carers and stakeholder.

The Carers Partnership is a multi-agency group and  includes members from a range of statutory and third sector organisations, as well as carers and representatives of carer and young carers.

Latest News Updates

Carer Partnership Performance Report

During late 2019 and early 2020 the Carers Partnership completed a review of ‘A Caring Dundee’ Strategic Plan reviewing progress in achieving the actions and priorities for supporting carers in Dundee outlined in the local Carers Strategy. This work included the production of a Carers Partnership Performance Report 2017-2019.

The Performance Report sets out the achievements and progress towards realising the ambitions of the local carers strategy, ‘A Caring Dundee, 2017-2020.’ The vision of the current carers strategy, identified that we should attain ‘A Caring Dundee in which all carers feel listened to, valued and supported so that they feel well and are able to have a life alongside caring.’

The Performance Report highlights the work of the Dundee Carers Partnership, as well as a much wider network of agencies who have worked alongside carers, young carers and communities to realise the ambitions of the strategy.

The report tells people about:

  • Working with local communities
  • How short breaks for carers have been developed further
  • The stronger involvement with carers in the design and delivery of services
  • How the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 has been delivered in Dundee.

A short summary version of the Performance Report has also been published.