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The Keep Well nursing team offer free Health and Wellbeing Checks to carers over the age of 18 years old. These checks are offered to carers as we know that taking on a caring role can impact on the Health and Wellbeing of a carer. Also we know carers often find it difficult to make time to focus on their own needs.

The Health and Wellbeing Check includes the measurement of blood pressure, cholesterol, height, weight and BMI. The risk of Diabetes is also assessed, along with lifestyle, social and mental well-being factors.

All the results of the check are shared with the carer, as well as relevant information and advice. If there is a need for referral and/or signposting to other services, activities and/or supports this is completed as part of the Health and Wellbeing Check.

For those carers who lack confidence to engage independently with other services and/or positive community based activities, support to engage is offered by the Keep Well Associate Practitioner. Referral to this practitioner is completed by the nurse.

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