Carers Decide Groupwork Programme

Dundee adult carers (18 years and above) are invited to participate in an exciting new programme. This programme was created by carers who wanted a confidential and comfortable environment to share their knowledge, experiences and achieve their personal goals and to:-

– learn what’s available to them and the systems in place for carers
– increase knowledge of carers’ rights and gain confidence using them
– develop skills and experience needed for carers to manage their
health and wellbeing
– have time to help carers identify their goals and work towards
realising them
– have the option to work towards a qualification

Each group member decides what their goals are; based on their own needs and wants; and with the support of staff the group creates a plan to achieve those goals

You must be a carer living in Dundee aged 18 and upwards to access this service.

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Address: Seagate House, 132-134 Seagate, Dundee, DD1 2HB

Tel: 01382 200422

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