Dec 19

Sign Up for HIVE – Wellbeing Programme for Working Unpaid Carers

Do you care for a friend or family member who needs your support, due to their illness, disability, mental health problem or addiction?

It’s exhausting, isn’t it; sometimes you are left with no time or emotional energy to look after your own health. You may feel isolated, like nobody around you knows or understands what you are going through.

UK charity Minds@Work is opening up a dedicated space for you. It’s called HIVE — it’s a virtual peer support programme for carers like you to focus on your own wellbeing, improving the way you sleep, eat, exercise and relax.

By taking care of these cornerstones of health, you will have more energy for yourself and others.

This life-changing, free programme starts on 7 February 2023, but spaces are limited.

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