Nov 2

Proposals for Scotland National Care Service

The Scottish Government is looking for people with lived experience of receiving and providing care and support (and people who are impacted by related services), to help consult and co-design the new National Care Service.

We would urge unpaid carers to get involved in upcoming consultations to ensure that carers voices are heard and the service is created with carers in mind.


The Independent Review into Adult Social Care (IRASC) recommended the establishment of a National Care Service. The Scottish Government has proposed a new law that would establish a National Care Service in Scotland. On 20 June 2022, the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill was introduced to Parliament. The Scottish Government has committed to establishing a functioning National Care Service by the end of this parliamentary term in 2026.

The Vision for the National Care Service is set out in a new National Care Service: statement of benefits.

The Scottish Government advises that the National Care Service will have equality, dignity, and human rights at its heart. If you want more information about this video is available here. Click here to watch

Have your say

The Scottish government has arranged a variety of ways for people to share their views.

The Social Covenant Steering Group has been established to help make sure that the Scottish Government is engaging with the right people, in the right way.

Some consultation events have already taken place. When future Face -to-Face and Online events are arranged these will be posted on the NCS webpage and Twitter account @ScotGovNCS

If you want to be involved in designing the NCS please click here to find out more

You can also visit the Scottish Parliament website to give an online vote about aspects of the proposed law Click here to cast your vote