Oct 18

Participatory Budgeting Funding for Linlathen & Stobswell West Groups

Do you live in Linlathen or Stobswell West? Do you support a family member or friend – or know somebody who does?

Funding is available for projects or activities for carers in your community. We want to make sure the money is used for the things you know are important for your community. Dundee Carers Centre is pleased to be offering two Community Budget pilots on behalf of the Dundee Carers Partnership (sometimes known as Participatory Budgeting – PB) in Linlathen and Stobswell West.

Community/Participatory budgeting sees local people decide the priorities and final awards for some of the budget. The Carers Partnership has allocated £30,000 for each area to spend on improving carer quality of life. Any community group with a constitution, educational establishment, or registered charity will be able to make a bid during the process, which we hope to run from January – March 2023.

During February and March, we will ask the community to vote to decide which projects are funded. Between now and Christmas, we’re hoping to speak to as many local people and organisations as possible to design the process with us, so we can have a Carers Community Budget process that works for everyone.

If you, or anyone you know or work with, would be interested in getting involved, please share this information and encourage them to get in touch with Daisy on 01382 919285 / 07436 244666 or email [email protected]