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Aug 9

Launch of the Navigating Services E-module

Some of the most frequent questions carers ask are about what services are available and how to access them. There isn’t always a quick answer, but it can help to understand a bit about how services work and what to expect when you first enquire.

The new Navigating Services module from Dundee Carers Centre was created based on hundreds of these types of questions and gives you an overview of how health and social care services work for both carers and the people they support.

Within the module you’ll find:

•    A simple explanation of the different ‘sectors’ working in Dundee and what types of services they offer to carers and the people they support
•    Information on costs and funding
•    Advice on how to keep track
•    Advice on sharing your opinion of services

The module is now available via the Carers of Dundee Learning Portal and is FREE to access with no logins required.

Click here explore the module TODAY!