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Oct 23

Empowering Elderly Care: Survey to Enhance Communication through Technology

The challenges of caring for elderly relatives are demanding not just with physical care, but also when it comes to efficient communication among unpaid carers, relatives, and healthcare providers.

Abbi Wilson, a Product Design student at the University of Dundee, is on a mission to revolutionise this aspect of elderly care through her dissertation project. Inspired by her personal experiences caring for her grandparents, Abbi’s vision is to create a secure, user-friendly platform that streamlines communication for unpaid carers, relatives, and healthcare providers, ensuring a more efficient approach to elderly care.

To gather valuable insights and perspectives, Abbi has designed a survey to better understand the communication challenges faced by individuals caring for their elderly relatives. We encourage unpaid carers and workforce staff to take a moment to complete this survey:

Carers Survey

Workforce Survey

Your valuable insights and experiences can play a crucial role in shaping the project.