Dec 13

Dundee Youth Fund is now OPEN!

Dundee Youth Fund is now open! Submit a bid of up to £2,500 by 20th January 2023.

Young people of Dundee will decide! Find out more about criteria, who can apply, how to submit a bid & youth participatory budgeting decision making:

Dundee Youth Fund FAQs

For any other questions not covered by the FAQ’s relating to the Dundee Youth Fund, please contact [email protected] The Dundee Youth Fund will be used for projects which will be allocated within the time period of applications made to the fund for 2022/23 financial year. This means that the fund cannot be used as match-funding for projects which are conditional and subject to other funds not yet confirmed.

Who is the fund aimed at?

This funding is exclusively aimed at awarding grants to projects and activities that support the development of learning opportunities in Dundee for young people aged 10 to 25 who live, work or study in Dundee. All projects must be delivered in Dundee. Funding applications will be sorted into geographical areas such as East Dundee and West Dundee with City Wide applications being accommodated within the voting system.

What type of organisations can apply?

Only Dundee-based not-for-profit groups can apply and normally these will have one of the following structures:

  • Be a community group or club
  • Be a voluntary sector youth project/group
  • Young people on behalf of a group or organisation they are involved in

The Dundee Youth Fund does not accept applications from:

  • individuals not associated to a project/group
  • sole traders
  • organisations based outside Dundee
  • organisations focused on making profits and sharing these profits privately – including companies limited by shares, organisations without the right asset locks, or organisations that can pay profits to directors or shareholders.

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