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Oct 25

Dundee HSCP – National Care Consultation

Adults with first-hand experience of social care services in Scotland are being invited to help design the new National Care Service (NCS)

It’s likely that everyone in Scotland will be involved in the National Care Service at some point in their lives. You may need to use its services, have family or friends who do, or you may work in it.

The Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership want to have a National Care Service that best fits the needs of everyone in Scotland. To do that we want to hear from people directly.

Join the Lived Experience Experts Panel (LEEP) and Stakeholder Register

The Lived Experience Experts Panel will be made up of people who have real experience of needing, using or providing social care support in Scotland. Their expertise, knowledge and support will help shape the future NCS and help to make sure we’re working with the right people, in the right way. 

If you would like to join the Lived Experience Experts Panel, you can apply online click here

To find out more about how you can get involved in designing the National Care Service click here