Nov 22

Dundee HSCP – Let’s Talk We Want Your Views

Dundee Integration Joint Board develops plans for community-based Health and Social Care Services and supports and we would like to listen to YOUR views.

The Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Plan will be renewed in 2023.   To develop this plan, we want to hear from people who use services, carers and our workforce.

We want views from :

  • People who access care and support
  • People who may access care and support in the future
  • Carers of people living in Dundee and young carers in Dundee
  • Colleagues and volunteers across services and supports (including the workforce from NHS, Council, Third Sector, and Independent Sector)

An area we want to know more about is where you prefer to go for the Health Care and Support you need.

We want to know what matters most to you.

We will set up different ways to hear from you to inform this plan and other plans.

Find out more or tell us that you want to be involved

Get in touch with [email protected] or phone and leave a message for Joyce Barclay by phoning or texting 07960389827