Gemma and Marthe from Dundee Carers Centre present a Carers Charter and Respitality Certfiicate to the Manage of Apex Hotel in Dundee.

Jul 21

Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa Pledge Support to City’s Unpaid Carers

Carers of Dundee was proud to present the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa with a Dundee Carers Charter Certificate in recognition of their recently application to the Dundee Carers Charter.

They have made the following pledge in support of unpaid carers across the city:

“Provide people with information on services available, attend information sessions and display leaflets on the support available to unpaid carers.”

With over 60 businesses and organisations in Dundee now part of the Carers Charter, it is great to see employers in Dundee eager to support and signpost employees or service users/customers with caring responsibilities.

“We are happy as a hotel to provide the above – sharing information on services with our staff, organising attendance at information sessions and keen to have any collateral you wish to distribute as well for staff and guests.”  Paul Mooney, General Manager of Apex City Quay Hotel and Spa

There are a range of measures employers can take to provide a supportive working environment for carers in their workforce. These don’t necessarily need to represent a major change in how an organisation operates, and can sometimes be a small and simple adjustment, but one which makes a significant difference to how supported carers feel at work. A strong culture of support within an organisation is key to ensuring that carers feel secure and comfortable in the workplace.

If your business or organisation would like to support unpaid carers or for more information, please visit the Dundee Carers Charter Webpage or email [email protected].

The Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa will also be supporting unpaid carers through the Dundee Carers Centre Respitality project. They have kindly donated vouchers that will be gifted to unpaid carers identified through the Short Breaks Team.

Caring means something different for everyone and so it’s no surprise that “breaks” mean something different for everyone too. A short break does not necessarily have to be a break away from the home, it could perhaps be to discover a new hobby, quality time with family or friends, time on their own, a night away or even just lunch with a friend.

Respitality is a Scottish Government supported project which is delivered locally by approved Respitality Delivery Partners and coordinated nationally by Shared Care Scotland. The aim of Respitality is to provide a short vital break for unpaid carers in Scotland when they need it most. This is achieved by connecting carers’ organisations with hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses who are willing to donate a break free of charge.

Paul Mooney added “When the team at Apex City Quay heard of the opportunity to support the Respitality project, we were immensely keen to be involved and support in any small way we could. The team here value our ability to give something back to the wider community, and are always seeking new opportunities to use our position and facilities to make a little difference to lives that need it. This therefore was the ideal project for us to support, allowing us to offer our leisure facilities for those that dedicate their time, lives and passion to others and have little chance to have that break that we all need. Our focus as a hotel is to make magical memories for our guests, creating those moments that they will treasure forever and give them a little escape from the everyday lives and stresses. There are no better beneficiaries of this that those that Respitality supports, which is why we were so keen to be involved and play our very small part. We look forward to continue to support this.”

If you are a local hospitality/leisure provider and would be interested in finding out how you can become a Respitality partner, please get in touch with our Short Breaks Team on 01382 200422 or email [email protected].

You can also find out more about Respitality by visiting the Respitality Website