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Aug 25

A National Care Service for Scotland – Survey

In February 2021 the Scottish Government published an Independent Review of Adult Social Care. The review recommended improvements to adult social care in Scotland, including the creation of a National Care Service.

In response to this, the Scottish Government has proposed a new bill which would establish a National Care Service. This new Bill has now went to the Scottish Parliament for consideration and approval.

The National Care Service would be responsible for social care throughout Scotland, and proposes changes to how social care is delivered in Scotland.

More information about the National Care Service can be found here:

Share your views

Scottish Ministers have issued a public call for evidence on the National Care Service Bill, you can find out more here.

Dundee Carers Centre are also submitting their own response to the consultation, and are seeking views from unpaid carers and disabled people to help us make a response to this.

They have created an online survey to share your views on the proposals, you can complete the survey here: