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Carers of Dundee is developing e-learning modules for carers and workforce (e.g. support services, employers and schools)

The modules can be completed at your own pace and accessed at any time.

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E-Modules Available Now

See below a list of e-learning modules that you can complete today.

Everyone Cares

Everyone Cares

This short e-learning module is for everyone:

  • For carers – people providing unpaid care or support to a friend or family member.
  • For workforce members – people volunteering or working in the health and social care sector, or anywhere that supports people.
  • For community members – everyone who lives or works in Dundee and is interested in building a community that recognises includes and supports carers.

You will explore some of the reasons people find it difficult to identify as a carer, discover how to recognise and support carers yourself, find out about the rights of carers under the Carers Act, and learn about the opportunities for carers to get involved in personal, local and national decision making.

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Young Carers in Schools

This module is for staff in schools and social work teams. It will be most useful for those in key roles such as Young Carer Co-ordinator and those responsible for Young Carer Statements, but for those in broader roles, the module will give you a valuable overview of support for young carers.

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E-Modules Coming Soon!

Below are is a list of e-learning modules that we are releasing soon.

LAUNCHING JANUARY 2021 - Carer Wellbeing Journey

Three modules designed to support carers to reflect on their day-to-day wellbeing, as well as specific issues that might come up, with lots of relevant local support organisations linked along the way.

  • Steps to Wellbeing – managing your day-to-day wellbeing
  • Bumps in the Road – meeting challenges and difficulties
  • Crossroads – dealing with changes and transitions

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Wondering where to take your learning next?

If you would like to take your learning & development further we have a recommended list of e-learning opportunities from local and national organisations.

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What's Next?

Following feedback from Carers, we are in the early stages of planning a module about finding, navigating and accessing support from the many different services available across Dundee. We’re keen to hear from the following people to ensure whatever we create meets the needs of Carers:
  • Are you a service provider who would like to showcase how carers can access your supports for themselves or the person they care for?
  • Are you a carer who would like to share their experience of accessing a particular service?
  • Are you a carer wanting to know more about how to access the different services in Dundee for yourself or the person you care for?

To get involved, or to suggest topics for future modules, please contact Ellie: [email protected]