A Plan for Supporting Carers in Dundee 2021-2024

The Carers (Scotland) Act (2016) says every local area must have a Local Carers Strategy which is reviewed every 3 years.

A Local Carers Strategy is a plan made with Carers for Carers.

A Caring Dundee 2 - Now available to download

In Dundee our new plan is ‘A Caring Dundee 2’.

The Carers Strategy (A Caring Dundee 2) is a Plan for Working Alongside, Supporting, and Improving the Lives of Carers of all ages in Dundee.

The plan is developed through the Dundee Carers Partnership.

The Strategy communicates the message about what is important and will provide a basis for future decision-making on how to make best use of resources.

The Carers Strategy shapes the direction of services and supports for carers in Dundee. The Carers Partnership have developed this strategy.  The strategy document will help people know what the Carers Partnership will be working on.

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What is strategic planning and why do I need to be informed?

Strategic planning is a process in which a vision for the future is identified along with goals and objectives.  This process of strategic planning helps health and social care and other organisations to understand what needs to be done to improve outcomes for the population of carers.  It helps make sure everyone is on the same page, working on what matters to carers in Dundee.

You do not have to know about the Carers Strategy to benefit from the actions taken to help carers.  It is great that you do know about it because you can influence the plan, check out what actions have been taken so far and if these have been successful.

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Who is the plan for..?

The plan is for unpaid carers who support someone who needs help because of long term illness, disability, frailty or older age, mental health or alcohol or drug use.

The person they help might be a partner, someone in their family, or a friend.
The Carers Strategy is not for those who care for others as part of their job or as a volunteer.

A Carer may look after one person or more and a carer can be an adult or a child.

When a Carer is under 18 they are known as a Young Carer.

A Caring Dundee in which all Carers
are heard, valued, understood and supported
so that they are well and are able to have a life of their own.

– The Vision of ‘A Caring Dundee 2’

Statistics that were Considered when creating the Strategy

Statistics taken from interviews with carers duirng the engagement process of the Strategy.

A ‘Caring Dundee 2’ has 4 Strategic Outcomes that will be used to organise the work.

They are:

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1) I am heard, recognised, respected and I am able to be involved.

2) I am supported to have the best possible caring experience.

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3) I can live a full and healthy life

4) I can have a life of my own and I can balance the caring role in my life

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