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Below you will find external links and resources to support different aspects of your wellbeing. If you would like to reflect and learn more about maintaining your wellbeing, there is a wellbeing e-learning module available here

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Dundee Carers Centre Counselling Service

Dundee Carers Centre offers counselling for carers but among other options available depending on your needs.

Please note due to current circumstances the counselling services has been paused until early 2020.

GP listening service

There is a listening service available at several GP practices across Dundee. Check if your GP provides this by clicking link below.

Alternatively, you can call the NHS Tayside listening service for appointments over the phone. Call or text 07967 771 941 or go to Aliss website for more info.

Beating the Blues Website

Beating the Blues is a computer-based self-help programme which uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It is available to anyone in Tayside, with a referral from your GP.

Living Life Website

Living Life is a free phone service offering therapy for anyone in Scotland over 16 years of age with low mood, mild to moderate depression or anxiety.

Side by Side Website

Side by Side is an online community where you can listen, share and be heard. It is created and moderated by Mind and can be accessed 24/7

Seasons for Growth Training

Seasons for Growth is a programme for children, young people or adults who have experienced significant change or loss.

Seasons for Growth is based on the belief that change, loss and grief are a normal and valuable part of life. We examine the impact of changes such as death, separation, divorce, and natural disaster on our lives, and explore how we can learn to live with and grow from these experiences.

“The training (Seasons for growth) has benefited me a lot.  I learnt a lot during the training – I didn’t know what grief was before and I learnt a lot about this and how it can affect different people in different ways.  This has helped me understand my grief issues better.  I am no longer afraid to talk about things and share my feelings.  The group enabled me to identify my own feelings and I felt safe with the rest of the group and trusted everyone.” (carers who took part in Seasons for Growth course)

Carers of Dundee will be posting future events on available training keep following our Events page for announcements.

Child Berevement UK offer webinars to support children, parents and families to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies, but some of their topics are applicable to any grief situation. Click here to explore their webinars. Some sessions come with a cost. Speak to Dundee Carers Centre if you would struggle to pay this. They may be able to source funding.

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Most counselling services have waiting lists, so if you need to speak to someone immediately, there are a number of crisis helplines available.

For young people

Papyrus.co.uk If you are under the age of 35 and having thoughts of suicide or are concerned for a young person who might be you can contact HOPELINEUK for confidential support and practical advice.

Childline.org.uk 24/7 crisis line for children up to 18

Themix.org.uk website for 13 to 25 years. Phone helpline available 4-11pm, crisis text message service available 24/7

…for adults

Breathingspace.scot.uk phone support for over 16s 6pm to 2am, weekdays and 24 hours at the weekend

Samaritans.org 24/7 phone service or email contact within 24 hours


NHS Inform has practical information on healthy eating as well as information on specific diets

Learn more about Food & Nutrition


NHS Inform has lots of resources to help you find the exercise that is right for you.
Learn more about Keeping Active

British Heart Foundation has collated a list of apps to get you walking and track your progress.

Click to explore

Have a bike? This cycle map will show you the best routes around Dundee.

Click to explore

This article gives some great ideas for ‘no gym workouts’, making exercise easier on a budget, or when travel is difficult.

Click to explore

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Many carers have trouble getting enough sleep. These resources provide tips on how to get a good night’s rest.

NHS Sleep and Tiredness

Moodjuice – Sleep problems

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There are many different apps available that can help to relax or support your mental health in different ways and many are free. You can search online yourself, ask people you trust to recommend you some, or the NHS have a list of apps that have been tested by mental health specialists here.

Explore more

Dundee Green Health Partnership offer a range of services to promote wellbeing through connection with nature and the outdoors. Check out this calendar of ‘nature prescriptions’ for each month of the year complete with suggestions for the best places in Dundee to see cherry blossom or spotting hares!

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Staying Connected

Find local events on Leisure & Culture Website

The Community Health Team Dundee is a partnership between Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership & Dundee City Council’s Community Learning and Development service.

They provide support for local people and services to develop skills and knowledge to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing in designated communities in the city.

They also have a website with lots of information, including a covid information page and links to In Your Neighbourhood Facebook page to find out what’s on each locality.

Find out more

Do you need help to get online or use computers? Let’s get on website provides info on local courses.

Mobilise Online are a UK wide, carer-led organisation.
They run several ‘virtual cuppas’ a week via zoom which is a space to share stories, tips, tears and laughs with other carers.

They also have a podcast, email newsletter and provide some 1 to 1 support.

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