Carers of Dundee Virtual Hub

We host regular Virtual Hubs that are streamed to our social media channels, on topics that aim to provide you with the latest local and national news, services, and information to support your caring role.

We are constantly looking for new topics and guests to interview.  If you know of a topic, or are an organisation that would like to share your services with carers please get in touch

Season 2 Episodes

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Below you can watch the latest episodes for Season 2.

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S2.E5. Cost of Living Crisis Support - Penumbra Dundee

Claire is joined by Laurie and Anne from Penumbra Dundee Wellness Centre who discusses the Carer Support Service the organisation provides, plus general support and partnership working they are currently involved in.

More information

Click here to visit their website

Call the centre: 01382 223487

S2.E4. Cost of Living Crisis Support - Faith in the Community

Continuing on with our Cost of Living Crisis Support miniseries Claire is joined by Daniel from Faith in the Community who talks about the service as a whole including community cafes, community fridges, and how these are all tailored to suit local communities based on feedback.

Find out what is available within a 20-minute distance from your own home Monday to Sunday.

Find out more

Faith in the Community Website

Faith in the Community Facebook

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01382 825351

S2.E3. - Cost of Living Crisis Support - SCARF

Matthew from SCARF Dundee chats to Claire about what support is available to help with the cost of fuel rises, financial support that is available, and how to make your home more energy efficient by doing small things around the home.

Further information

Please call SCARF Scotland on 0808 129 0888 or 012241 213 005

Email [email protected]

Or go to their website:

S2. E2. Andy's Man Club Dundee

During this powerful interview, we speak to Alex from Andy’s Man Club who speaks to Kev our host on why the charity was first formed and information on local groups in Dundee & Angus.
CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains talk about depression and male suicide that some may be considered a triggering topic.

S2. E1 - Dundee United Para Sports Team

We were joined in this special pre-recorded Virtual Hub by Ryan from Dundee United Community Trust, who spoke to us about the development of the para-sport provisions across the city.

Got to Dundee United Para-Sports Club Facebook page

Organisations - Host Your Own Episode!

Facebook Live is a valuable communication tool allowing organisations to connect and raise awareness of the work they do.  Even as face-to-face activity becomes possible again, flyers, posters, and events can only have so much reach and many people are still reluctant to go out and visit places as they used to, therefore may not see/attend them.

Everyone wants to hear what is happening in the locality/community from “the horse’s mouth” and this is where Facebook and the StreamYard platform brings it all together.  StreamYard allows social media channels to Live stream to a selected audience or all followers of their social media platform.

The Communications Team at Dundee Carers Centre will create and carry out all technical aspects of the Hub, which allows guests and hosts to focus on the key message and any questions and answers they need prepare for.

What we will offer to organisations/agencies:

  • Be involved in initial discussions
  • Set up the broadcast
  • Create and email out a link to all participants, along with guidelines
  • Prepare script
  • Design overlays to suit brand for organisation you can use your own logo
  • Banners to suit the topic with links to websites etc
  • Prepare flyer for promotion of live chat for circulation by organisation

There is a recording function, that allows you to record an interview or a key message. This can be uploaded to any social media channel. We do recommend going live, however, it is good where doing it live isn’t possible, as their input can be pre-recorded.

Streamyard allows you to use your own brand on screen, we can create backgrounds and overlays to suit any organisation or agency.

Tech check
Scheduled a few days before live broadcast to ensure good wifi connections and audio. This also gives participants a feel for Streamyard and a run-through before the day, putting them at ease.

Live Broadcast
Meet 20-30mins before the live session to ensure connectivity good and a quick run-through, introductions, etc. PowerPoint presentations can be used through the session and to be sent to comms staff member beforehand and they will oversee the upload and slide change

Debrief & Download
We ask that participants stay on after the live session has ended for a debrief and give feedback on the session. If required, sessions can be downloaded and adapted for accessibility through YouTube, which can be kept as training material or future general use.

If your organisation would like to part of a virtual hub through Carers of Dundee Facebook channel, or if you would like further information, please contact the centre on 01382 200422 or email [email protected]