Leaving School

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“I honestly think that if it hadn’t been for the college orientation day I would have been really freaking out about starting college. I’m actually really excited about it now”.- (Carer post school transition programme – 2021)

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Flexible Learning

Dundee Carers Centre offers flexible training sessions to help carers aged 16—25 who are not in education or working. These are all one-day or short-term accredited training in different sectors such as beauty, trade & hospitality but we’ll find the right training for you, even if it’s not on our list.

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Dundee and Angus College staff are passionate about making sure all carers get the correct support they need so that you can enjoy your time at College, succeed in gaining your qualifications and achieve your career goals (as well as have lots of fun!)


We have:

  • Specialist staff in our Student Services Team who can support you with social, emotional, wellbeing, or financial needs (such as the young carer grant, Young Scot young carer package)
    Please tell us you have a caring responsibility on your course application so that Student Services can contact you to discuss your needs once you have been offered a place on your course
  • Carers support groups that run online and on-campus so you can meet other students who are carers and have opportunities for leisure, relaxation, and additional training opportunities throughout the year
  • A terrific Summer Transition Programme with our Learner Engagement Team, for anyone planning on coming to D&A College in Angus.
    Our summer programme is filled with fun, leisure, and cultural activities both on and off-campus. We aim to get you making friends, meet staff, build confidence, and have lots of fun! To book a place please email [email protected] who is the carer support worker at Dundee Carers Centre.  

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Meet other young adult carers while learning valuable life skills in preparation for leaving home, such as budgeting and cooking.  There are also options to gain additional qualifications to boost your CV.

“I really enjoyed meeting up with the other carers as we got to do fun activities which helped boost my mood and confidence. I loved meeting all the other people as I feel as if my friend group has expanded. I also met a girl who’s also in the same course as me which was fantastic. I feel very supported in starting my new college year and feel as if I can start afresh knowing that I am being supported in my journey to obtaining my qualification.” (Young Adult Carer post school transition programme – 2021)

Getting in contact

If you want to contact us before you apply to discuss the support you need we would be delighted to chat with you.

Please contact us at [email protected]

If you would like guidance on the different courses and funding available to you please contact us at [email protected]

Sarah and Catriona lead the work in student services on behalf of student carers so if you want to speak to us directly please contact:

Sara Thom – Student Service Manager

Sarah email:  [email protected]

Catriona email: [email protected]

To find out more about the support available please go to:

Dundee & Angus College Advice Support Page

Dundee & Angus College Student Support Page

Student Admissions

Young adult carers who are looking to apply to a course should email the Widening Access Team at [email protected]

The Widening Access team will support you to make your application through the contextual admissions process.  To read more about the University’s Contextual admissions policy click here

Once your application has been approved the team will put you in contact with student support services before the start of the semester.

Young Carer Grant

Young Carer Grant is a yearly payment of £326.65 for young carers in Scotland aged 16, 17, or 18 years old.

You can get a Young Carer Grant once a year, up until you turn 19. How you spend the Young Carer Grant is up to you. You could use it for things like new clothes, driving lessons or a holiday.

For more eligibility information and how to apply please follow this link

Young Scot Young Carers Package

The Young Carers Package is a bundle of vouchers available to all young carers, aged 11 to 18 in Scotland. It’s filled with special treats to help them make the most of their free time and support them in their caring role. Best of all, it’s completely free!

To find out more and register for the package, visit the young scot page or speak to your support worker.