What is the Carers Charter?

In Dundee, we have developed a Carers Charters which provides three pledges to carers living in Dundee so that carers rights are promoted. The charter has been developed through the Dundee Carers Partnership working along with carers in Dundee.

The charter sets outs what carers can expect from services, the type of support they can access and the opportunities for involvement in decisions affecting the people they care for.

Our 3 pledges to Carers in Dundee:

Identify, acknowledge and value carers.

You will be identified and feel respected and recognised in your caring role

This means the contribution you make to the person you care for and to the community overall will be acknowledged and recognised.

Support Carers

Organisations will work in partnership to support you to live a fulfilled life.

This means being clear what resources are available to you, including support services and respite/short break options.

Accessing information and support to help you in your caring role including:

  • Support to manage your health and well-being
  • Help to manage your finances and secure your welfare rights
  • Advice to access employments, training and learning.


Involve Carers

Carers will have opportunities and support to be involved.

This means:

  • With the agreement of the person you support, you will be an equal partner in care planning (including when the person you support is leaving hospital).
  • We will listen to your knowledge expertise and opinion and involve you in the decisions about the care and support of the person you support.
  • Supporting ways to involve carers in strategic planning. There will be opportunities for you to be involved in the planning, development and evaluation of relevant policies, strategies and services in Dundee.
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