Learning in Lockdown

We have collated a list of online courses available for all.  Featured below is a list of suggested links to support home learning & schooling.  We’ve included guidance for care givers that are homeschooling, young people and people that may be out of work or currently furloughed.

Please note that this page is suggested guidance only and by no means should people feel pressurised into taking any of these courses during this time.

On this page:

Homeschooling Guidance

Young People Qualifications & Accredited Learning

Adult Courses & Accredited Learning

ASN Online Learning & Supported Learning

Homeschooling Guidance and Resources

Advice for families

Scottish Government Website  has full information and guidance for parents for supporting learning at home.

Dundee City Council Website has launched a NEW online learning hub full of information, guidance and resources for supporting learning at home for children, parents and teachers.

National Autistic Society has guidance for parents on homeschooling.

BBC Bitesize are releasing daily lessons for families to try out.

Duo Lingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are effective, and we have proof that it works.

Young People Qualifications & Accredited Learning

Advice for Young People and Young Adults

Youth Scotland Website  has information and resources for support organisations and youth groups to hold their own training courses.

Princes Trust Website has courses available for young people including personal development, career development and starting a business support.

Adult Courses & Accredited Learning

Advice for adults

The Skills Toolkit is an online info source collated by the Department of Education.  There are online courses, tools and resources to help you improve your digital and numeracy skills.  Some of the country’s leading educational experts and employers have been consulted to make up a collection of high quality resources to suit a range of interests and skill levels.

Scholar Hub Adult Learners & Parents, browse through 1000’s of vetted educators from around the world.

My World of Work Website has a rich library of online courses suitable for those out of work, including furloughed staff.

Furture Learn online courses to continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts.

ASN Online Learning & Supported Learning

Advice for those with Additional Support Needs

The Big Transitions for Autistic and SEND Pupils after Lockdown This course is for Senior Leaders, Teaching staff and Parents and explores the challenges that will face autistic and SEND pupils going through transitions this year.

Pyramid Education Consultants help individuals with developmental disabilities, autism, and/or communication challenges learn to shape their own lives and participate in the world around them. Using a blend of broad spectrum applied behaviour analysis and practices supported by research and positive results, we give learners the skills to tell you what they want, what they need, what they see, and the unique educational environments they need to learn and grow towards greater independence.