Jun 15

An Introduction to Residential Care Costs in Scotland


Date and Time

Thu, 15 June 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am


Online via Zoom

About this Event

In this workshop:

• Understanding how care home fees are assessed and calculated

• Other useful considerations for carers

• Frequently asked questions

• How and where to seek further help

When a family member or friend goes into a care home, it can be a difficult time for all concerned. Having to navigate and understand residential care home funding can create extra stress. In this friendly online workshop, we will explain the basics of how care home fees are assessed and calculated. We will look at the upper and lower capital limits; what might happen to income such as state pension and occupational pensions; learn about free personal care and nursing care payments; and consider the frequently asked questions by carers facing this emotive situation.

This workshop will be useful for carers, volunteers and professionals working with carers in Scotland.