Young Carers Action Day

Young Carers Taking Action in Dundee

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Young Carers Action Day is a national event which raises awareness of young carers and the incredible contribution young carers make to their families and their local communities.

This year we would like to take this theme and focus on highlighting Dundee as a City where its young carers are identified, valued and celebrated and is a City where the voices of young carers are heard.

Picture showing only the torsos of young people in jeans and t shirts, holding hands against a yellow background.

What we are doing...

In Dundee young carers have driven substantial change in their schools, colleges, communities and across the country influencing how the Carers Act has been implemented locally and raising awareness of young carers and young carers rights – and reducing the potential social isolation experienced by young carers.

This year we would like to invite your organisation, school, business or community group to celebrate the achievements of young carers you work with or support in the City and share with us how your group or organisation contributed to the increasing awareness of young carers and their rights.

Each group who registers is invited to take part in a project which contributes to the aims of the Action Day and should work with young people to do at least one of the following:

  • Raise awareness of young carers in Dundee
  • Highlight young carers rights – in particular in your school or
  • Share and celebrate your achievements as a group or organisation or
    school in raising awareness of and supporting carers

Closing date for applications is Monday 13 December 2021

Registration Form

For inspiration...

Young Carer Action Day – 2021

In 2021 The Corner, Dundee Carers Centre and local schools and D&A College
ensured that over 650 wellbeing boxes were distributed to young carers across the

“The box is fantastic, I was really surprised with everything in it, and I thought it was

Young Carer Roadshows

In 2018 and again in 2020 Young Carers Voice ran Roadshow in High Schools
across Dundee to raise awareness of young carers.

“I remember… when the young carers came to my school (2018 roadshows in secondary schools).  I remember asking if I was a carer and… the girl I was speaking to (the young carer leading the group) told me I was… I hadn’t even thought about it before.
I’d like to make a difference and help people to see what young carers are and help young carers…”
(Young Carer, March 2021)

Young Carer Groups and Events

Dundee Carers Centre and D&A College run transition programmes for young carers leaving school for further education to enable them to seek support right from the beginning of their college experience and help them sustain their place at College.

“I really enjoyed meeting up with the other carers as we got to do fun activities which helped boost my mood and confidence… I also met a girl who’s also in the same course as me which was fantastic. I feel very supported in starting my new college year and feel as if I can start afresh knowing that I am being supported in my journey to obtaining my qualification.”
(Carer – Transition Group 2021)

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