Frequently Asked Q’s


Who is a carer?

A carer is someone who looks after or supports a family member or friend who has an illness, condition or disability.

A carer is unpaid and provides help and support to help someone manage their life.


What about a young carer?

A young carer is a carer who is still in education, and/or under 18.


What’s an adult carer support plan?

An adult carer support plan is used to see how a carer can be supported in their caring role.

This is done through a conversation with a professional (e.g. a social worker) and looks at what support the carer needs and what they want to improve.


What about discharge from hospital?

Hospital staff have a duty to involve carers in discharge planning.

This means that hospital staff must talk to the carer before someone is discharged.

The carer should check with the person being discharged if it is ok to talk about their care needs with hospital staff, and if there are any changes in the support they will need when they leave hospital.


What’s a short break?

A short break is a form of support which allows the carer to have time out from their caring role.

This is broader than the term ‘respite’, as it covers shorter periods of time, and a much larger range of activities

Short breaks cover holiday, leisure, sports, activity or day care breaks, play schemes, befriending, and funding resources to meet identified goals.


What kind of support can I get as a carer?

There are a number of ways that carers in Dundee can get support in their caring role. For example:

  • Welfare Rights advice
  • Self-directed support (for carers and disabled people)
  • Groups and activities
  • Support for carers from Minority Ethnic communities

Visit our “I’m a Carer” page for more information about where to start looking for support.